Top 5 Last Day on earth survival hacks and cheats from Pro Gamer.

last day on earth survival hacks and cheats

last day on earth survival hacks and cheats

Last Day on earth survival is the last man standing game. You need to win the Military pass that will unlock the complete game after the beta phase.

So remaining at the last phase is challenging. When you know these pro tips that we will furnish here, you can arrange a few strategies to reach to the end.

Sneak in back of Enemy:

You’ll have to face some obstacles at the start of the game. You’re always going to have a knife until you set up your foundation building.

We now hack to destroy the Enemy and survive the best way possible. Take the knife in your side to the closest point of the Opponent. At the nearest point, the assault on your blade is three times effective than the standard attack, and in the first stab, you can destroy.

Always check the dead Enemy:

Dead opponents still include a list of stuff you need at some point of time. These dead bodies mainly consist of cloth and cloth. Both are important to you until you build your handicraft table.

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You should not offer the chance to gather clothes unless you have a crafting table. Besides, the bodies protecting the bunker include the key to the refuge. You can’t enter before getting them.

Use the Auto mode

Once you clean the area from your opponents, the main task is to capture and use everything you can see. The best way to play in auto mode is in this scenario. You don’t have to wonder if you forget something once you place the character in Auto mode. The job is gathered in auto mode.

Equip item to get auto-renewed

Some players conveniently overlook this most relaxed hack. You should equip as most stuff as practicable once you finish the loot or go for some loot.

The explanation is that they waste space in just the backpack when you don’t have such things for other items. Alternatively, instead of these products, you could carry more stuff.

Some other best option is to make no interruption to the game if you equip food, water and healing items. You get cured if you get a strike when your protector is fitted. Berries are the best healers. After all this effort you don’t need energy or time to spare.

Check your Stink Meter

You have to note this last day on earth hacked by many as a competitive gamer. It forces you to pee after you drink more than 13 bottles of water and beer. The stink meter is rising when you pee.

Raising the smell rate invites additional attack, and you get struck by the poisonous Spitter.  You are prone to be more noticeable to the Opponent if your smell meter crosses the red zone.

Then keep an eye on the smell meter to hold the Enemy’s glare. Instead, it is recommended that you switch the war technique and never fall nearer into the enemy army.

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