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Mario game is popular in every direction of the world, and Nintendo is the developer and publisher of this amazing game. Every year thousands of games released, but none of the players can ever forget the Mario game.

Nintendo has currently released one more version of the Mario game, which is Mario Kart Tour. Millions of players have downloaded this game, and the response of Mario Kart Tour is quite amazing.

Even after so many years of Mario, still, people love to play Mario’s racing version. There are so many great features are available in it and if you want to know more about it so just read below –

Guide to gameplay

Mario Kart Tour is easy to play the game, but in order to win, you have to enhance your skills. Racing skills can be enhanced by just seeing the game, and you have to play it and try every possible aspect to win it as well.

There are millions of people in the world who play it on a daily basis, and they all use their skills to win the game.

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At the beginning of the game, you just have one location and one car where you have to play the race. At that time of the game, every player is just a beginner, and it is the correct time to make your skills perfect in racing.

The graphics and designing of location and cars are so great, and you can unlock many more things in the game. There are several things in the game that you can unlock by playing and winning the races.

You can unlock –

  • Karts
  • Drivers
  • Tracks
  • Badges

These are some great things that you can enjoy in unlocking. You can also join the FB account of mario kart tour to update yourself with more free reward options. Apart from it, there are so many things that are available, and these are mentioned below –

Features to know

Complete tournaments of every week –

Every week, new tournaments releases, and for that, players have to put so many efforts because players from worldwide play it and every player use their own strategy to win it and they also use the boosters and powers not to let the opponent go ahead.

Frenzy mode powers

Every player has some kind of unique powers that help them to be in the competition. Every racer uses it against the opponent to make them slower and beat them in the race. Some powers can make you faster, and some powers make opponents slower if you use them.

Amazing karts –

There are so many great Karts are available in the game, and at the beginning of the game, you just have one to use. Win the racers and unlock more amazing carts to play.

Every kart is amazing and looks so funky and unique that it makes the game interesting. Developers have done so many great things that make Mario Kart Tour a perfect racing game, and also gamers have many memories with Mario that makes them play Mario Kart Tour even more.


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