How to Breed Dragonvale Dragons Cleverly

breed dragons in dragonvale

breed dragons in dragonvale

For any online game, you will get hundreds of tips on the online platform. All of the writings share more or less the same points as an effective means to progress better.

Those who play Dragon vale will already know that tips and tricks work until a certain point. After that, it is all about your logical sense and practical intelligence.

A few general advice will work better for you to support you with the elementary points. Before getting started we would you like to introduce you a great website called which will help you get free in game currency in the game.

Intelligent ideas for breeding

Breeding guides are quite common for this dragon-taming game. However, you are going to learn about some really smart ways fro breeding from this write-up.

  • Check out the period which is necessary for the fertilization of the potential egg. The hatching will follow the process. If you try to breed without doing any research, you will end up starting breeding, which will take more than half a day, and then another twelve hours will be essential for the hatching purpose.
  • Always stay alert about the conditions of the habitats. The nursery will take time to expand. So you won’t have much space to stage the eggs. If you have not yet prepared the habitats or there is limited space in your habitat, then the eggs will have tow ait until you have enough space to bring up the dinosaurs.
  • Do not try to breed the hybrid types unless you have plenty of knowledge about it. Stick to the necessary breeding process by giving rise to the pure strains using the base type animals. A dragon can be red if it is a fire dragon. But it may turn red due to other reasons too. An Erath dragon is not always going to give birth to the mud dragon.

Don’t lose your patience. You know that you have to wait for a considerable period before the fertilization is over, and then for the hatching too.

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