Bingo Blitz Ultimate Guide, Tips And Tricks For Beginners



Developed in 1929, Bingo has gone through several phases in the last few years, and the latest version is the mobile application game. Playtika’s Bingo Blitz is one such game which caters for all the aspects of Bingo gaming.

In this post, we are here to provide you with some tips and cheats for Bingo Blitz. So let’s start!

Shadow cards

Let’s begin with shadow cards; sometimes, you may notice your bingo card has a shadow on it; it is called a shadow card.

Often you can note that you get a shadow or a black card among your bingo cards. You can win an award for your city compilation if you get a bingo on this ticket.

Occasionally, from shadow cards, you could also discover the same goodies in treasure chests or mates ‘ presents. So a town collector has its own set, and you can enhance a whole town collection when you receive your mates ‘ shadow cards.

You will earn EXP points that will help you level up as well as receive some new prizes, including new advanced doors. Shadow card incentives are one of the best cheats to collect excellent bingo blitz freebies and level up in the game.

Bingo blitz power-ups

Bingo blitz power-ups are another excellent Bingo Blitz cheats to collect awesome rewards in the game.

The bingo blitzing win is propelled by power-ups. You can see the power-up monitor in the top right of every bingo game. This Bingo Blitz hack is excellently used to power up and get excellent coin gifts.

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Whenever the Bingo Power up meter raises and fills up the complete Meter, a random power-up is done based on your selected stash. To trigger further power-ups, you will have to reload it once again. Also read out Bingo blitz tricks and cheats and earn free and unrestricted power-ups.

Such bingo blitz power-ups are your best chance on bingos and winning awesome¬†bonuses. Similar to¬†the coin square, you’ll get free coins, but these attach to your cards certain treasure squares that have great rewards.

Bingo Blitz Keys

Keys are another excellent feature that gives you the liberty to open chests. The game is all about winning excellent gifts and keys open up the chests that provide you with the best of them. As you collect some stars from the game, you get an opportunity to get a key. Every time you collect three stars, you are provided with one key. As you receive the key, go to the chest, open it and Bingo.


When you are familiar with the bingo rules, you will find that Bingo Blitz gives a similar experience to that of a real Bingo game. The special touch is the introduction of socialising it, and with your friends, you can enjoy Bingo Blitz with added fun.

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