Best IMVU cheats for 2019

imvu cheats

imvu cheats

IMVU is a popular social network where you lead a virtual avatar life. It is an excellent concept to socialise without even disclosing yourself. Also, your creativity counts in the app.

But the app is not free and contains IAP. Following the tips below you can get IMVU credits.

How to hack IMVU to get credits

Start-up Bonus

You should click the loop message as yes once you register for the app. You will immediately receive a credit bonus of 500 IMVU earn credits, which is your first keepsake from the developer.

Account Confirmation Gift:

You have to validate the account after you sign up. A link is sent to the primary mail account that you provide in IMVU. Follow the instruction in the mail, and you can validate the account. This imvu hack offers you a straightforward credit of 2000 points.

Get the IMVU Tour:

You can receive some excellent rewards in terms of credit points after you are guided through a tour for the app. Never skip this tour. But before that, you have to download the 3D chatbox from the app. Also, you will be familiarised about various features of the app.

Undertake offers:

Promotional offers and videos are frequently available in the app. Never say no to these offers as they are the mine for receiving IMVU points from the game. After watching a short video, you might earn 1000 credit points. So watch the video or do simple tasks and gather all these free points.

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Connect with Facebook

Facebook Fans of IMVU also receives credits and rewards. There are several benefits of attaching your IMVU account with Facebook. Initially, as you complete the FB login, you will get 500free IMVU credit points.

Apart from that, you can get various offers on Facebook once you get connected with the Official Page. You can even share your story in these pages and gain the attention of your friends.

Invite your friends.

All your friends can give you IMVU credits. After you join the site, you will receive one code. Send this Code to your friends and request them to join IMVU using this Code. For every member login through your IMVU Codes, you will receive 1500 credit points.

Play with your Pet:

Even your pets can earn additional credit in the game. You are allowed to bring one pet when you enter the chatroom. As you play with your Pet you receive bonus Credit.

Earn some Credit

There is a tab named “Earn Credit.” Once you click on the tab, you are given tasks. Follow these tasks that are suitable to you and receive the credit as a gift.

Request a Credit

Requesting your friend for credits and they can send you some. Also, you must share credits to them.

  Buy IMVU cards

When you are out of credit, you can purchase them as well. Many departmental stores Sell IMVU Cards. These cards contain on Code that will recharge your account. So when you are ready to spend some cash, these IMVU cards are the best way to get credit.

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