Mario Kart Tour Guide To Explore the Latest Features


Mario game is popular in every direction of the world, and Nintendo is the developer and publisher of this amazing game. Every year thousands of games released, but none of the players can ever forget the Mario game.

Nintendo has currently released one more version of the Mario game, which is Mario Kart Tour. Millions of players have downloaded this game, and the response of Mario Kart Tour is quite amazing.

Even after so many years of Mario, still, people love to play Mario’s racing version. There are so many great features are available in it and if you want to know more about it so just read below –

Guide to gameplay

Mario Kart Tour is easy to play the game, but in order to win, you have to enhance your skills. Racing skills can be enhanced by just seeing the game, and you have to play it and try every possible aspect to win it as well.

There are millions of people in the world who play it on a daily basis, and they all use their skills to win the game.

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At the beginning of the game, you just have one location and one car where you have to play the race. At that time of the game, every player is just a beginner, and it is the correct time to make your skills perfect in racing.

The graphics and designing of location and cars are so great, and you can unlock many more things in the game. There are several things in the game that you can unlock by playing and winning the races.

You can unlock –

  • Karts
  • Drivers
  • Tracks
  • Badges

These are some great things that you can enjoy in unlocking. You can also join the FB account of mario kart tour to update yourself with more free reward options. Apart from it, there are so many things that are available, and these are mentioned below –

Features to know

Complete tournaments of every week –

Every week, new tournaments releases, and for that, players have to put so many efforts because players from worldwide play it and every player use their own strategy to win it and they also use the boosters and powers not to let the opponent go ahead.

Frenzy mode powers

Every player has some kind of unique powers that help them to be in the competition. Every racer uses it against the opponent to make them slower and beat them in the race. Some powers can make you faster, and some powers make opponents slower if you use them.

Amazing karts –

There are so many great Karts are available in the game, and at the beginning of the game, you just have one to use. Win the racers and unlock more amazing carts to play.

Every kart is amazing and looks so funky and unique that it makes the game interesting. Developers have done so many great things that make Mario Kart Tour a perfect racing game, and also gamers have many memories with Mario that makes them play Mario Kart Tour even more.

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Minecraft Earth Location Based Game That You Shuold Try


Minecraft Earth is a very impressive game in which you will find exclusive Interface. Now players are able to use the AR gear in order to experience the real graphics of the game.

You can easily take various kinds of action at various places wisely. Well, you can easily change the size of created structures as it is automatically implemented in the Minecraft Earth.

Now you will checkout the construction in the real life. Therefore, it will look like you are going to grab real outcomes. People are getting attach with the gameplay on which they can pay attention on. Let me tell you some valuable facts about the gameplay that are based in the Minecraft Earth.

Motion Capture Feature

Plethora kinds of characters are available in the game so you these characters will be place in the building you will construct in the gameplay.

By waving toward the screen, you can easily will find the motion captures catches that your actions and other great character those are available inside will be get better.

You should also pay attention on the collection of the currencies such as rubies and other is the Minecoins. Along with the currencies, you can easily get better outcomes so be ready to take its advantages. Don’t forget to construct the building in the real world of the Minecraft Earth.

Build life-size architectures

Let me start from the build mode in which you will find various kinds of things and other great features. Basically, you can easily building that will help you to create showcased in the life size show so be ready to build in the public by placing it in the favorite place.

In addition to this, players will get the free skins in the game of the character when they newly sign-up the account. Even you can easily get a free skin for better outcomes.

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Don’t forget to understand the controllers of the Minecraft Earth because only controllers will guide you to play the gameplay.

Breeding Collectable cattle

It is possible for the users to collect the mobs like ducks and pigs by walking to the spots. Even Mobs have many variants and you will get the breed and great populate the own unique pets wisely.

Even you will find various kinds of mobs that are just for the Minecraft Earth so be ready to take its advantages. Not only this, players should simply start exploring the adventure in the adventure mode.

Hence we can say that it is a great survival aspect of the Minecraft Earth. You may definitely need to play in the map, on the adventure you may need to explore the items such as Ores, treasures, friendly mobs and many others.

Battle together with the friends

It is possible to cooperate with the friends in order to fight off with the monsters such as creepers and other great skeletons’ those try to kill you. However, don’t forget to make your own weapons like sword and other bow & arrows before the battle get started.

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Top 5 Last Day on earth survival hacks and cheats from Pro Gamer.

last day on earth survival hacks and cheats

Last Day on earth survival is the last man standing game. You need to win the Military pass that will unlock the complete game after the beta phase.

So remaining at the last phase is challenging. When you know these pro tips that we will furnish here, you can arrange a few strategies to reach to the end.

Sneak in back of Enemy:

You’ll have to face some obstacles at the start of the game. You’re always going to have a knife until you set up your foundation building.

We now hack to destroy the Enemy and survive the best way possible. Take the knife in your side to the closest point of the Opponent. At the nearest point, the assault on your blade is three times effective than the standard attack, and in the first stab, you can destroy.

Always check the dead Enemy:

Dead opponents still include a list of stuff you need at some point of time. These dead bodies mainly consist of cloth and cloth. Both are important to you until you build your handicraft table.

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You should not offer the chance to gather clothes unless you have a crafting table. Besides, the bodies protecting the bunker include the key to the refuge. You can’t enter before getting them.

Use the Auto mode

Once you clean the area from your opponents, the main task is to capture and use everything you can see. The best way to play in auto mode is in this scenario. You don’t have to wonder if you forget something once you place the character in Auto mode. The job is gathered in auto mode.

Equip item to get auto-renewed

Some players conveniently overlook this most relaxed hack. You should equip as most stuff as practicable once you finish the loot or go for some loot.

The explanation is that they waste space in just the backpack when you don’t have such things for other items. Alternatively, instead of these products, you could carry more stuff.

Some other best option is to make no interruption to the game if you equip food, water and healing items. You get cured if you get a strike when your protector is fitted. Berries are the best healers. After all this effort you don’t need energy or time to spare.

Check your Stink Meter

You have to note this last day on earth hacked by many as a competitive gamer. It forces you to pee after you drink more than 13 bottles of water and beer. The stink meter is rising when you pee.

Raising the smell rate invites additional attack, and you get struck by the poisonous Spitter.  You are prone to be more noticeable to the Opponent if your smell meter crosses the red zone.

Then keep an eye on the smell meter to hold the Enemy’s glare. Instead, it is recommended that you switch the war technique and never fall nearer into the enemy army.

Covet Fashion Currency Tricks

covet fashion currency tricks

Covet fashion is a casual game that you can easily download from your on-device app store. The game has been developed by crowdstar by adding some extra twist.

You can also call it a virtual styling game that you can play to make your game experience interesting.

Most of the game lovers prefer to play this game due to its amazing gameplay and graphics. The game also has some unique features that can easily grab your attention.

To start playing this game, you should learn all about its basics and various aspects.

Learn all the basic tips and tricks in order to play the game in a better way.

You also have an option to link the game with a Facebook account, which will help you to add friends and get some amazing perks. Understand all about the main aspect of the game in order to get started.

Importance of currencies

When it comes to playing Covet Fashion, then there are many currencies available that play a significant role.

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You should know about these currencies and the covet fashion hack to earn them. The main currencies of the game are listed below-

  • Money – money is one of the important currencies that you can earn in plentiful ways while playing the game. With the help of this currency, you can purchase various garments that you can use later to take part in various challenges.
  • Tickets – well, tickets also have great importance, which you should understand before start playing the game. If you have enough tickets, then you can easily enter into desired challenges.
  • Diamonds – diamonds are known as the premium currency of the game that can be used to purchase various items, including clothing garments. In addition to this, you can also use this currency to convert it into cash and tickets.

With the help of these currencies, you can perform better and achieve a good position. Players should always use currencies wisely in order to reduce various complications while playing the game.

How to buy garments?

No doubt, it is important to buy garments to enter into different challenges to win exciting rewards. If you are still confused about how to spend money to buy garments, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

First of all, you should always make the best possible use of the money that you have received at the beginning. Use the money wisely and buy garments only based on the challenges instead of wasting it on unnecessary garments.

Choose the challenges wisely that offer amazing rewards and then proceed further. You can use garments as many times as you want.

Other tips to consider

It is crucial for beginners to try to spend currencies carefully because the shortage of money can also fall them into a troublesome situation.

Instead of spending money at random things, they should use it wisely. In this way, they can get progress faster and also achieve a better position without making a lot of effort.

Episode: Choose Your Story Currency Guide: Kinds, Roles, And Ways To Earn!

episode choose your story currency guide

When it comes to playing story-based as well as RPG games, players always try Episode: Choose Your Story game.

It is one of the trending story game that involves hundreds of exciting challenges, missions, stories as well as episodes. Users can choice their favorite role and character for playing the game.

Also, it permits them to explore more entertainment and reduce stress. One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices.

However, the player doesn’t need to pay any charge for playing the stories as it is entirely free available. Plenty of dresses, brands, kits available in the game for customization of the Avatar.

Every user needs to dress up the Avatar in order to make it more attractive and stylish.

To purchase every single in game item and to unlock various stories, players need to earn game currencies.

In the post, we are going to discuss everything about Episode: Choose Your Story currencies, so try to focus on the content more. It helps you to play smoothly, progress faster, and enjoy unlimited.

Kinds and role of currencies

There are two kinds of currencies used in Episode: Choose Your Story game named gems and passes. Each currency plays a vital role in the game and contains its benefits.

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Maintaining all currencies in a more massive amount permits users to gain an array of benefits as well as rewards.

  • Gems

It is a premium currency from which you can buy expensive items as well as decisions. It allows you to pass every hard challenge faster without getting stressed or tensed.

Don’t forget to select the right option during choices as further gems will help to progress more quickly. It’s not an easy task to earn the premium currency but also not impossible.

  • Passes

It is considered as the second main currency of the game that also plays a significant role. It helps users to unlock various brands, stories, chapters, and episodes of Episode: Choose Your Story game.

If you need to play your personal account as per needs, moods, age, or requirements, try to earn this currency more using some legit episode free passes hack that you can hunt online from legit ways.

It helps you to play the ideal story for achieving personal goals as soon as possible, like no one another can.

How to earn gems and passes?

As we mentioned above, it’s a little hard for players to earn currencies more as it involves more effort and time.

Discussed below are some of the techniques that help you to make currencies more without wasting time, energy, and money.

  • Watch free ads

Watching free ads offers a certain amount of currencies to users also helps a lot in deficiency situations. Players can see watch an ad in the middle or after the missions.

They are recommended to click on the ad button and watch free ads for grabbing additional benefits, currencies, and rewards.

  • Collect daily prize

Even if there is no time to play any story, users need to collect the daily rewards by login in to the game daily. It allows them to manage more items as well as currencies.

Best IMVU cheats for 2019

imvu cheats

IMVU is a popular social network where you lead a virtual avatar life. It is an excellent concept to socialise without even disclosing yourself. Also, your creativity counts in the app.

But the app is not free and contains IAP. Following the tips below you can get IMVU credits.

How to hack IMVU to get credits

Start-up Bonus

You should click the loop message as yes once you register for the app. You will immediately receive a credit bonus of 500 IMVU earn credits, which is your first keepsake from the developer.

Account Confirmation Gift:

You have to validate the account after you sign up. A link is sent to the primary mail account that you provide in IMVU. Follow the instruction in the mail, and you can validate the account. This imvu hack offers you a straightforward credit of 2000 points.

Get the IMVU Tour:

You can receive some excellent rewards in terms of credit points after you are guided through a tour for the app. Never skip this tour. But before that, you have to download the 3D chatbox from the app. Also, you will be familiarised about various features of the app.

Undertake offers:

Promotional offers and videos are frequently available in the app. Never say no to these offers as they are the mine for receiving IMVU points from the game. After watching a short video, you might earn 1000 credit points. So watch the video or do simple tasks and gather all these free points.

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Connect with Facebook

Facebook Fans of IMVU also receives credits and rewards. There are several benefits of attaching your IMVU account with Facebook. Initially, as you complete the FB login, you will get 500free IMVU credit points.

Apart from that, you can get various offers on Facebook once you get connected with the Official Page. You can even share your story in these pages and gain the attention of your friends.

Invite your friends.

All your friends can give you IMVU credits. After you join the site, you will receive one code. Send this Code to your friends and request them to join IMVU using this Code. For every member login through your IMVU Codes, you will receive 1500 credit points.

Play with your Pet:

Even your pets can earn additional credit in the game. You are allowed to bring one pet when you enter the chatroom. As you play with your Pet you receive bonus Credit.

Earn some Credit

There is a tab named “Earn Credit.” Once you click on the tab, you are given tasks. Follow these tasks that are suitable to you and receive the credit as a gift.

Request a Credit

Requesting your friend for credits and they can send you some. Also, you must share credits to them.

  Buy IMVU cards

When you are out of credit, you can purchase them as well. Many departmental stores Sell IMVU Cards. These cards contain on Code that will recharge your account. So when you are ready to spend some cash, these IMVU cards are the best way to get credit.

Monster Legends Hack Tool – Experimenting the Odd

monster legends hack tool

I am a dedicated game  player of Monster Legends, and user of the monster legends hack tool, which is the key to playing the advanced levels.

Engaging gaming sessions will always keep excited players hooked on to the game, and they will love to spend hours taming the monsters.

It’s here that the hack tool helps them move on to the next levels as well as realize their true potentials in the game.

My experiences will turn out to be helpful for all the avid gamers out there. From professionals to new gamers, everyone will enjoy playing uninterrupted hours of this exciting game.

Knowing the gameplay

While playing a game like Monster Legends, gamers have to develop crystal clear ideas of the basics.

Identifying the gameplay and knowing about it seems to be of paramount significance. Let me share my experiences in this context! When I started out as a beginner, the entire scheme and game-plan were new to me.

However, the exciting interface and unique gaming controls captivated my attention and made me fall in love with this gaming franchise.

Thanks to the monster legends cheats for helping me unlock crucial gaming resources thus moving ahead in the game.

With numerous beasts waiting to be controlled and tamed, this game is a pure delight for every avid player!

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Things to look for

As an enthusiastic player, I was always in search of the best opportunities that can take me closer to my goals.

The hacks and cheat tools associated with the game helped me to a great extent. Since this particular game isn’t that easy, players will need the right resources to excel.

Unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, and Food will take them to the next levels, thus increasing winning possibilities by quite a few notches.

Most importantly, gamers can customize the creatures and make them do whatever they feel like.

With the easy availability of these monster legends cheats and hack tools, players will find unique chances to prove their mettle.

An exciting game

The excitement and enthusiasm associated with the game translate into a fulfilling experience for gamers.

I can vouch for it as I have been playing this particular franchise for a long time. Secured sources of hack tools have made the entire experience even better.

I can unlock the most important resources without worrying about malware attacks. My account gets refilled with Gold, Food, and Gems, which also improves my gaming prowess.

Apart from the standard creatures, I also love to play with the advanced partners.

Inexplicable experiences

With extensive experience of playing this game, I will surely promote it amongst avid gamers.

Those wishing to test their gaming skills and imaginative power should try out monster legends gems generator.

I have used quite a few times, whenever I felt the need to get crucial resources. Today, I have come a long way from just being a beginner to a seasoned player!

The game lets players enjoy to the hilt and engage in exciting gaming sessions. That’s the reason; I would happily recommend it to other gamers as well!

Plants Vs. Zombies Tips And Strategies- Become A Pro Player!

plants vs zombies 2 tips and strategies

Plants Vs. Zombies are one of the most excellent defenses as well as strategy games introduced by EA Sports for Android and iOS devices.

Every player in the game needs to kill various zombies for protecting their house, farms, and brains. Hundreds of robust plants added in the game, which can be used as a weapon against zombies. In simple words, you can use plants for killing zombies.

Tons of challenging levels, missions, tasks, features, gameplay, added in the game, which makes it fantastic as compared to others.

Leveling up faster help the player to explore endless entertainment besides reduce mental stress. Many players are there who trying to progress in the game more quickly, but they can’t due to weak strategies as well as defense.

Don’t panic more; here, we are going to mention some pro tips and tricks that help you to enhance overall performance and progress faster.


Peashooter is a kind of defensive plant that can be used to kill zombies from a certain distance. Players are suggested to keep peashooters in the first-line besides in the last heading to protect brains, house, and sunflowers.

It allows them to protect the material and to kill all zombies as soon as possible, like no one another can. So, don’t forget to use this plant in the right place to grab higher outcomes without getting stressed.

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It plays a vital role in the game as from these flowers you are going to get sun juice. Sun juice is used to upgrade items, plants, skills, and powers.

It means you can create a powerful army of plants to kill all zombies faster without losing the level or without getting stressed.

Try to plant more sunflowers and protect it from the zombies as they are able to eat it. use defensive plants to safeguard the farmhouse correctly.

Play two times a day

In order to learn the basics, techniques, how to play the game smoothly, try to play the game two times a day or more than it.

As when a user offers more concentration on the purpose of the game or levels, he/she is more able to develop winning hacks. Here, hacks means not to hack really. Remember, there is no way you can get plant vs zombies 2 hacked in any way.

Also, it allows them to enhance the performance besides exploring endless entertainment. There is no need to face the same tasks or levels again, as always. You got some different objectives.

Plan the landings

Before players start the game, they can see which type of zombies coming into the battleground. Using the right plants for those zombies, in the beginning, helps to finish the level as soon as possible without facing any issue.

Individual plants are added in the game, which is specially used to kill weaker or stronger zombies. So always try to choose the right plant before jumping into the battle mode.

It permits all the players to make a high-end strategy to progress faster.

With the help of the content mentioned above, we can say that players can adopt different strategies to progress faster besides to enjoy more in Plants Vs. Zombies game.

I Got My Answers On How To Hack Guns Of Boom And More

guns of boom guide
Guns of Boom Hacks Cheats

It has not been long when my loyal sister first introduced me to guns of boom hack! She was the one who first forced me into this game and I do not regret this decision. So, when she first told me about a way to get coins and gunbucks free of cost, I was literally quite excited. To be very honest, I did not believe her first and thought that she was pranking me.

This is a common characteristic of her. But, she pinky-swear and then I first used these tricks to earn some free currency in guns of boom game. From that moment on, I did not leave this hack out of my site.

Perfect addition to my game:

I am one of those thousands of players, who are associated with guns of boom game. It is more than addictive, it is super-amazing! This shooter game is not something which I have played before, and that’s coming from a video game addict! So, when I am telling you this game is good then it actually is!

Now, after using guns of boom cheats on my own, I realized why more and more people are inclining towards this real legit mechanism which actually gets you free gold and coins in guns of boom game legally.

It is great and available within the pre-set time limit. The best part is that I don’t even have to spend a single money on this item.

Free and ready to use:

guns of boom game tips
Ready to Go

These cheats for guns of boom are free of cost and I am using it till my heart’s content, and I am pretty sure others are doing the same. When I was first introduced to it, I was a bit skeptical and had so many questions in my mind like the way to earn free gold in guns of boom, does it really work , what is the limit of gaining free coins and gunbucks and what not!

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But now, I have all my questions sorted out by experts and they are super-excited for me to use these simple yet effective tips of guns of boom.

Winning is so much fun:

Right now, all I can say after using this secret system to earn free currency in guns of boom is that winning is so much fun! I do not have to worry about the tough shooting rounds, and I do not have to worry about spending money on buying coins and gunbucks.

All I have to do is just log online and get hold of the best guns of possible and that’s it.

The steps are easy to follow and mentioned completely in details. So, I don’t have to worry about the ways to use guns of boom hack and cheats at all and can get my desired results now.

Think about the results:

Well, for a player like me, thinking about the result is the only way out around here. Before I even started using it, I thought about the results and the consequences, and everything seemed to work in my favor.

So, whenever I feel like dealing with the right option, I always think about the pros of it. These tips for guns of boom, so far, have proven to be exceptionally good for me. So, I can only expect the best from them from now on.

Top 4 Kodi Alternatives For Free Streaming!


Kodi is an open source media player software which provides access to streaming media content. One can use this software on different devices for free. By using the software, you can watch different movies, sports, listen to a variety of songs, in addition to streaming other content. Lots of streaming software’s are out there, Kodi is one of them contains advanced features for exploring unlimited entertainment. Whereas it is a great way to remove mental stress without spending money, time also efforts. Kodi works with ISO, 3D, H.264, other formats and among internet streaming even.

Also, with the help of it, a user can watch TV shows by reaching the online store. If you are the one who is looking for best alternatives of Kodi then don’t panic, just stay focused. Here we are going to discuss everything about kodi and top alternatives to this software.


Stremio is considered as one of the best alternatives of Kodi software in which a user can stream movies & series. Through this software, one can enjoy movies, TV serials, live news, channels, sports, and other streaming channels. With the help of this software, one can watch all the videos in HD quality without getting much stressed. With the help of advanced features, you can more enjoy each stream. Whereas using this software permits all the users to create a playlist of favorite videos quickly. With that, they can watch favorite songs, movies, serials without spending more time.


Plex streaming software is available on both versions free as well as paid. While going with paid version a user is able to unlock advanced wireless features. There is no significant difference between paid and free version as the paid version provides more features. One can install this function on any device like Mac, iOS, PC, Android, and tons of devices.

After research, it is conducted that there is a small difference between Kodi and Plex. Plex is considered as the transmission of locally stored digital media, especially for streaming.


Before coming of the latest technology, Emby is a simple media player for playing stored videos with limited functions. But the newest version of this media player contains lots of advanced features which permit you to enjoy streaming media content. It enables a user to experience a new kind of media player with lots of functions. It is available in three classifications namely-

  • Emby server
  • Mobile apps
  • Tv apps

Basically, it is an excellent alternative to Kodi media streaming software.

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Like all other alternatives, infuse is consider as the most excellent social platform for media streaming. It enables a user to watch movies across various devices without getting tensed about features. It’s not hard to use the software because it includes simple functions. The app supports different media programs from which you don’t need to play the video on different devices. On the other hand, if we talk about its interface is perfectly balanced in addition to pleasant for a look around. It can load almost every format in efficient ways.