Hungry Shark Evolution Review

If you want to play hungry shark evolution game effectively, then you have to unlock more sharks to eat up as many fishes and other objects as possible that come in your way so that you can unlock more sharks in the game and collect them.

When you follow such a stance, then your mission to evolve into a better shark would be complete. You can take help from the baby shark which are just like pets in this game. Their job is to assist you to eat all the stuff that you find in the sea and would swim just next to your shark.

Getting Sharks

You can get such baby sharks by spending some gems and coins to buy them. There are different types of baby sharks in hungry shark evolution game which would cost you according to their specification and type.

You may get a small Mako shark for as less as twenty gems, and on the hand, if you are willing to spend as much as nine hundred gems you can get a Megalodon shark as well. If you want to buy a baby shark with coins, then you can only buy the baby Reef shark, and this would cost you one thousand coins.

Biggest Shark In The World

Out of all the Megalodon shark is the most impressive as you would find it to be when you play with it. One of the reason is that it is the only shark in the game which is capable of eating any non-living ting, be it a boat or a mine.

Another important and significant characteristic feature of this shark is that it is the only one that can eat a jelly fish and still do not require an antidote for remediating the poison. Therefore, when you use it, you do not have to pay attention like other sharks providing them antidotes if they eat a jelly fish or a Flak jacket to stay safe from the mines.

When you eat more and more creatures of the sea in hungry shark evolution game, you get growth points which would determine the time when you can level up your shark to become a more fearsome predator.

You can level up the Reef shark for free to get one thousand points, then the Mako shark for two thousand points at the expense of fifteen hundred coins. The Hammerhead shark requires six thousand coins to level up for 3950 points and the tiger shark for 7350 points at the expense of fifteen thousand coins.

The Great White and the Megalodon sharks are most costly for their beneficial features, and the Great White costs you thirty-five thousand coins for 14500 points, and finally, the Megalodon sharks cost fifty thousand coins for a whopping 42550 points.

Therefore, manage your resources well and use the hungry shark evolution hack trick for the purpose if you find it difficult. Look at the map to find Gulpers and swim low to eat the anglers which you need to eat ten each in the game and also avoid the submarine attacks by quickly charging it.

Be a smart player in Fortnite

Fortnite is a wonderful game and you can enjoy great character in this particular game. Playing is more fun and adventure and there are many other things and actions available that you may not have seen before. The best part is that you can also deal with the many sections perfectly and make certain changes in them. The gaming concept and story is very nice.

There are two different modes of playing the Fortnite game available. The first mode of playing this game is to save the world mode. The story of this mode is very interesting; you have to kill the zombies as much as you can. A deadly virus is spreading across the entire world and you have to work hard to stay alive.

Make regular progress

In order to make regular progress, you have to really work towards your gaming skills. Making progress is not very easy here and you should know about the methods to deal with various situations and some advanced tricks for the swift progress in it. The player should be well versed with the various controlling system and strategies in the game to have the advantage of everything. For this, you will have to play the game on the regular basis and make your progress swift.

Choose the right superhero 

There is no doubt that you can choose from the thousands of the Fortnite free skins for your players and make it look quite different. You should know about the swapping among thousands of characters.

The basic thing is that you don’t have to go through any complicated process for this but the method of changing the character is quite different in both the cases. Every character is unique and thus you should know about the strength of the character that you are going to choose.

There are various types of the characters available like outlanders, soldiers, constructors, and Ninjas. Use them as per the requirement of the task. In the starting of the game, you will be able to access the soldier class heroes. Other characters will be unlocking as you will keep moving forward in the game.

Pay attention towards tutorials

You should never forget the tutorial in-game is created to help you in every aspect. Thus you must watch them and use them to have more fun and entertainment. Without them, you will not be able to make great progress. In the tutorial, there are many things to learn. You can learn about the making new structures and fight with the enemies. Defense is also a good thing that you can learn in the tutorial. This way you will be able to know every single situation that you can face during your gameplay.

Change appearance

You should also try to keep your character unique and charming. It will present your personality in the game. You will also be bought many items to well equip your character with latest gadgets, ammo, and weapons. There are many tactics that you can use to get free v bucks for your gaming account in Fortnite game.

What You Must Learn About Simcity buildit Game?

We all know there is a lot to learn about Simcity buildit game but there some important aspects which we can’t miss. Simcity buildit is an extremely popular mobile game in which players need to build a proper city and grow it with increasing population. The game is free to download but come with a facility of in-app purchase. In-app purchase is best suited for the players who are not able to excel in the game due to lack of resources like Simcash. Surely, there is some money saving ways of attaining resources and one such effective one is Simcity buildit trick. With the use of the tool, you are served with a huge number of Simcash thus allowing you to speed up your city building process. In the game, you are given a task to manufacture materials and convert it into residential buildings, industries, stores and many other services. It is the game which you can simply play for hours as there are many factors to consider. You need to control the working of your industries and build basic material like plastic and wood on regular basis. If you believe you don’t have enough material available or need external assistance, it is advised to go for in-app purchase. With little money, you will attain many Simcash. In any case, you are not able to excel in the game even after making many efforts; it would be more than ideal to learn out following tips and tricks:

simcity buildit review

  1. As an interested player, you need to spend some time in finding best layout for your city. There are few available online and you must select the one which helps in accommodating many residents. It is a bit tough to decide a good and efficient layout. You need to squeeze as many residential buildings as you can in the given limited space.
  2. According to experienced players, it is extremely crucial indeed to keep your factories and stores busy. There are many players who will only focus on residential areas and make a huge mistake. When you keep your factories and stores busy, you will get the desired amount of time and money to build more residences. When your storage gets, try to sell the items and earn some money.
  3. Another better way of playing the game is to keep expanding and upgrading city storage. For sure, it will take a little time but you will get enough opportunities to add more space and items to your storage.
  4. Players who do have plans to use Simcity Buildit Cheat need to be very careful. There are some tools that are nothing more than garbage stuff. Only use the tools which are safe and best known for generating quick Simcash. If possible collect enough information and read out unbiased reviews carefully.

Playing Simcity buildit game in your free time will not add enormous fun but also provide a better understanding of your own city. Just keep enjoying and plan hard to build a wonderful city.

How to get the online tool for madden mobile game

Madden mobile 17 is the American football video game which is based on the National football league and it is published by the EA sports. In a madden NFL 17 players can choose their team with the new game play features which is raise the ground game. With the lot of improvements in the ground game players can get the amazing playing experience. It having the amazing returning features and it is comes with the three playing mode like

  • EA majors
  • Challenger
  • Premier

So you have to gain the more coins to win the game so if you want to win the game then madden mobile hoax is really helpful to the player.

Tips to beginners to playing madden mobile 17 games

If you are a beginner to this game then you have to know how to play the game and you have to know about the strategies to win the game like

  • Clock management
  • Players have to carefully read the safety
  • Starting off with the bang.
  • Categorize your roster
  • Players have to know when to throw the football left
  • Try to use the different passing methods.
  • Goal line strategy

madden mobile 17

Managing the clock is the most important and the football game is played throughout the four quarters along with the breaks. So each of the team has the three timeouts for each half of the madden game and you have to practice a lot to win the game. Without practicing it is not easy to win the game and if you are beginner to this game then surely need a lot of practice. At the same time players have to know some kind of tricks to win the game. If you are trying a lot but still struggles to win the game then choose madden mobile cheats which is really helpful to the players to win the game.

How to get the online tool for madden mobile game

When it comes to getting the online tool to increase the winning possibility of the game then there are plenty of online tools are there. But you have to carefully choose the online tool because some of the tools might contain virus.  If you are choosing the best tool this game then you can get the below features like

  • Add unlimited coins.
  • Add unlimited cash.
  • Players can get unlimited stamina.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Free shopping mod.
  • It is support the all mobile platforms which is including the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch but you have to install the madden NFL in your mobile.
  • There is no need root and jailbreak for your device.

So with the help of online tool players can easily win the game and if they lost the life then players no need to ask life in the social media. But while choosing the tool consider whether it is having the spyware which is harmful to your device and sometime it may steal your information.

Play The New Age Basketball With NBA Live Mobile

nba live mobile tips

On the recommendation of a friend, I went on to play the game of NBA Live Mobile. I was not really much into such kinds of genres. Nevertheless, I still decided on trying this game out for myself. In right to get the hang of it, I delved much deeper into it. In short, I went through the game play of the legendary games of NBA.

From its players to ways of playing, it was imperative for me to understand each and every aspects of it, right from scratch. Such factors helped me to both understand it and be aware about certain major factors as well.

Apart from such factors, this game itself provided tutorials as well as certain effective tips and suggestions too. Each and every single aspect of this game was on a whole new different level altogether. This was nothing like the games that I played with before.

To my pleasant surprise, I even had opportunities for choosing my own players. Available on Windows, IOS and Android platforms, it was absolutely free for downloading.

In NBA Live Mobile, it is actually silly to compare the games graphics and features with other games of this genre. Unlike other games, it has a whole new set of features, associated with it. This game is actually able to offer more enjoyment than any other similar kinds.

Naturally though, standards tend to differ. Visuals of this game are incredible amazing with a fabulous gaming console. This was certainly not what I was expecting for. Moreover, playing on a touch screen had its own set of benefits associated with it as well.

Overall, it had an amazing touch to it which can make players go gaga over. Developers have taken care of all major factors, thus providing users with an incredible experience.

nba live mobile tips

In NBA Live Mobile, on going through its rules and regulations, I then went on ahead with this game. It is quite similar to that of other basketball games. However, the set ups are actually much more different from its counterparts.

This in turn tends to work much better for basketball. Although it is free for downloading, there can be expenditure involved too. Since it was a necessity to accelerate my team, I even went to the extent of spending real money on In app purchases.

It was actually a mandate for generating a considerable amount of resources by using a website called Such resources played an extremely beneficiary role in helping my team to progress further in this game.

In NBA Live Mobile, game play is all about an ultimate team point. Setting up my team proved to be the most enjoyable part as well as difficult too. I had to make sure to incorporate the best of players in my team. As a result, I had to attend Auction Houses.

This helped to obtain legendary players from various time frames. Thankfully, due to its stunning visuals, players were visible and recognizable too. Moreover, animations were extremely smooth. It is due to such factors which made me feel the depth of this game. It was not even for a single moment that I thought this game to be an animated one. Rather, this game provided me with an extremely enriching experience overall.

All in all, it consists of certain unique factors which make it highly distinguishable from other kind of games. However, in right to perform, it was extremely requisite for me to master all kinds of skills. From being rewarded generously to playing head on against my opponents, each and every single portion was incredibly smooth.

This game is actually a mixture of both simple and complicated elements to it. Nevertheless, this will surely not stop me from coming back and playing it a second time.