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Top 5 Last Day on earth survival hacks and cheats from Pro Gamer.

last day on earth survival hacks and cheats

Last Day on earth survival is the last man standing game. You need to win the Military pass that will unlock the complete game after the beta phase.

So remaining at the last phase is challenging. When you know these pro tips that we will furnish here, you can arrange a few strategies to reach to the end.

Sneak in back of Enemy:

You’ll have to face some obstacles at the start of the game. You’re always going to have a knife until you set up your foundation building.

We now hack to destroy the Enemy and survive the best way possible. Take the knife in your side to the closest point of the Opponent. At the nearest point, the assault on your blade is three times effective than the standard attack, and in the first stab, you can destroy.

Always check the dead Enemy:

Dead opponents still include a list of stuff you need at some point of time. These dead bodies mainly consist of cloth and cloth. Both are important to you until you build your handicraft table.

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You should not offer the chance to gather clothes unless you have a crafting table. Besides, the bodies protecting the bunker include the key to the refuge. You can’t enter before getting them.

Use the Auto mode

Once you clean the area from your opponents, the main task is to capture and use everything you can see. The best way to play in auto mode is in this scenario. You don’t have to wonder if you forget something once you place the character in Auto mode. The job is gathered in auto mode.

Equip item to get auto-renewed

Some players conveniently overlook this most relaxed hack. You should equip as most stuff as practicable once you finish the loot or go for some loot.

The explanation is that they waste space in just the backpack when you don’t have such things for other items. Alternatively, instead of these products, you could carry more stuff.

Some other best option is to make no interruption to the game if you equip food, water and healing items. You get cured if you get a strike when your protector is fitted. Berries are the best healers. After all this effort you don’t need energy or time to spare.

Check your Stink Meter

You have to note this last day on earth hacked by many as a competitive gamer. It forces you to pee after you drink more than 13 bottles of water and beer. The stink meter is rising when you pee.

Raising the smell rate invites additional attack, and you get struck by the poisonous Spitter.  You are prone to be more noticeable to the Opponent if your smell meter crosses the red zone.

Then keep an eye on the smell meter to hold the Enemy’s glare. Instead, it is recommended that you switch the war technique and never fall nearer into the enemy army.

Covet Fashion Currency Tricks

covet fashion currency tricks

Covet fashion is a casual game that you can easily download from your on-device app store. The game has been developed by crowdstar by adding some extra twist.

You can also call it a virtual styling game that you can play to make your game experience interesting.

Most of the game lovers prefer to play this game due to its amazing gameplay and graphics. The game also has some unique features that can easily grab your attention.

To start playing this game, you should learn all about its basics and various aspects.

Learn all the basic tips and tricks in order to play the game in a better way.

You also have an option to link the game with a Facebook account, which will help you to add friends and get some amazing perks. Understand all about the main aspect of the game in order to get started.

Importance of currencies

When it comes to playing Covet Fashion, then there are many currencies available that play a significant role.

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You should know about these currencies and the covet fashion hack to earn them. The main currencies of the game are listed below-

  • Money – money is one of the important currencies that you can earn in plentiful ways while playing the game. With the help of this currency, you can purchase various garments that you can use later to take part in various challenges.
  • Tickets – well, tickets also have great importance, which you should understand before start playing the game. If you have enough tickets, then you can easily enter into desired challenges.
  • Diamonds – diamonds are known as the premium currency of the game that can be used to purchase various items, including clothing garments. In addition to this, you can also use this currency to convert it into cash and tickets.

With the help of these currencies, you can perform better and achieve a good position. Players should always use currencies wisely in order to reduce various complications while playing the game.

How to buy garments?

No doubt, it is important to buy garments to enter into different challenges to win exciting rewards. If you are still confused about how to spend money to buy garments, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

First of all, you should always make the best possible use of the money that you have received at the beginning. Use the money wisely and buy garments only based on the challenges instead of wasting it on unnecessary garments.

Choose the challenges wisely that offer amazing rewards and then proceed further. You can use garments as many times as you want.

Other tips to consider

It is crucial for beginners to try to spend currencies carefully because the shortage of money can also fall them into a troublesome situation.

Instead of spending money at random things, they should use it wisely. In this way, they can get progress faster and also achieve a better position without making a lot of effort.

Episode: Choose Your Story Currency Guide: Kinds, Roles, And Ways To Earn!

episode choose your story currency guide

When it comes to playing story-based as well as RPG games, players always try Episode: Choose Your Story game.

It is one of the trending story game that involves hundreds of exciting challenges, missions, stories as well as episodes. Users can choice their favorite role and character for playing the game.

Also, it permits them to explore more entertainment and reduce stress. One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices.

However, the player doesn’t need to pay any charge for playing the stories as it is entirely free available. Plenty of dresses, brands, kits available in the game for customization of the Avatar.

Every user needs to dress up the Avatar in order to make it more attractive and stylish.

To purchase every single in game item and to unlock various stories, players need to earn game currencies.

In the post, we are going to discuss everything about Episode: Choose Your Story currencies, so try to focus on the content more. It helps you to play smoothly, progress faster, and enjoy unlimited.

Kinds and role of currencies

There are two kinds of currencies used in Episode: Choose Your Story game named gems and passes. Each currency plays a vital role in the game and contains its benefits.

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Maintaining all currencies in a more massive amount permits users to gain an array of benefits as well as rewards.

  • Gems

It is a premium currency from which you can buy expensive items as well as decisions. It allows you to pass every hard challenge faster without getting stressed or tensed.

Don’t forget to select the right option during choices as further gems will help to progress more quickly. It’s not an easy task to earn the premium currency but also not impossible.

  • Passes

It is considered as the second main currency of the game that also plays a significant role. It helps users to unlock various brands, stories, chapters, and episodes of Episode: Choose Your Story game.

If you need to play your personal account as per needs, moods, age, or requirements, try to earn this currency more using some legit episode free passes hack that you can hunt online from legit ways.

It helps you to play the ideal story for achieving personal goals as soon as possible, like no one another can.

How to earn gems and passes?

As we mentioned above, it’s a little hard for players to earn currencies more as it involves more effort and time.

Discussed below are some of the techniques that help you to make currencies more without wasting time, energy, and money.

  • Watch free ads

Watching free ads offers a certain amount of currencies to users also helps a lot in deficiency situations. Players can see watch an ad in the middle or after the missions.

They are recommended to click on the ad button and watch free ads for grabbing additional benefits, currencies, and rewards.

  • Collect daily prize

Even if there is no time to play any story, users need to collect the daily rewards by login in to the game daily. It allows them to manage more items as well as currencies.

Best IMVU cheats for 2019

imvu cheats

IMVU is a popular social network where you lead a virtual avatar life. It is an excellent concept to socialise without even disclosing yourself. Also, your creativity counts in the app.

But the app is not free and contains IAP. Following the tips below you can get IMVU credits.

How to hack IMVU to get credits

Start-up Bonus

You should click the loop message as yes once you register for the app. You will immediately receive a credit bonus of 500 IMVU earn credits, which is your first keepsake from the developer.

Account Confirmation Gift:

You have to validate the account after you sign up. A link is sent to the primary mail account that you provide in IMVU. Follow the instruction in the mail, and you can validate the account. This imvu hack offers you a straightforward credit of 2000 points.

Get the IMVU Tour:

You can receive some excellent rewards in terms of credit points after you are guided through a tour for the app. Never skip this tour. But before that, you have to download the 3D chatbox from the app. Also, you will be familiarised about various features of the app.

Undertake offers:

Promotional offers and videos are frequently available in the app. Never say no to these offers as they are the mine for receiving IMVU points from the game. After watching a short video, you might earn 1000 credit points. So watch the video or do simple tasks and gather all these free points.

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Connect with Facebook

Facebook Fans of IMVU also receives credits and rewards. There are several benefits of attaching your IMVU account with Facebook. Initially, as you complete the FB login, you will get 500free IMVU credit points.

Apart from that, you can get various offers on Facebook once you get connected with the Official Page. You can even share your story in these pages and gain the attention of your friends.

Invite your friends.

All your friends can give you IMVU credits. After you join the site, you will receive one code. Send this Code to your friends and request them to join IMVU using this Code. For every member login through your IMVU Codes, you will receive 1500 credit points.

Play with your Pet:

Even your pets can earn additional credit in the game. You are allowed to bring one pet when you enter the chatroom. As you play with your Pet you receive bonus Credit.

Earn some Credit

There is a tab named “Earn Credit.” Once you click on the tab, you are given tasks. Follow these tasks that are suitable to you and receive the credit as a gift.

Request a Credit

Requesting your friend for credits and they can send you some. Also, you must share credits to them.

  Buy IMVU cards

When you are out of credit, you can purchase them as well. Many departmental stores Sell IMVU Cards. These cards contain on Code that will recharge your account. So when you are ready to spend some cash, these IMVU cards are the best way to get credit.

Use Your Dismantler In Creative Destruction

creative destruction

Creative Destruction is a game which includes lots of features that will really seek your attention. Basically, the game is superbly made for the iOS and Android both platforms so you can easily download them from Apple App Store or Google PlayStore. This would be really supportive for you that will give you great outcomes.

Not only this, there are lots of things which are very crucial to check out before playing the first battle in the Creative Destruction. Therefore, all those things you should check in this article and know about the use of the dismantler.

You need material in the battle

When the game begins then you need to find out the weapon. Otherwise, you are not able to do anything with your opponents. Check out the compass perfectly and try to find out the best weapon to kill the enemy. Even the compass will also tell you where the enemy is.

This would be the best option for you that you can easily check out for getting more and more benefits. If you hide in behind the wall, then you cannot get exposed. Therefore, if you did not find the weapons then try to stay hidden, and after getting the rifle, you should simply start killing the enemies.

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Check out health

Health is the most important thing that is important to get checked. Therefore, you should simply check it out in order to be the best gamer. Well, these amazing and mind-blowing weapons will give you the chance to kill the enemies and boost your XP level.

Nevertheless, this would be the best option for you to get more and more benefits. You should heal yourself if you get shots from the enemy during the match because it is all about surviving in the Creative Destruction.

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Vital Details About Playstation Games

It is not hard to conclude, from the beginning, the PlayStation games have dominated the world of console gaming. We can easily consider the huge popularity of PS1, PS2 and now PS3. It seems like Sony PlayStation games are in huge demand and people belonging to different generations simply love to play them. Without any doubt, there is variety of games all individuals.

Sony PlayStation console gaming has always impressed the gamers with its variety and improvement. There is no other gaming console that has been able to match the supreme quality offered by Sony PlayStation.

Exact Application Of Free PSN Codes

When we discuss about PlayStation games, it becomes crucial to mention out significant details regarding psn codes and psn cards. Gamers keep on searching effective ways of saving money on these PlayStation. It is hard to say there is any legal way of attaining free ps plus codes but still gamers try to find out an effective and safe to use tool. In recent times, many online sources have cropped up that promises to offer exciting psn code generator but most of them are of no use.

In the better circumstances, getting a wonderful and a genuine generator could be like getting the Holy Grail of gaming. There are people that have actually spent thousands of dollars, only to understand that a quality tool may have been extremely rare to find.

As for the various kinds of versions of release of such tools, it is very important that you get the latest and the most stable version. Chances are that the ones that you are currently using may have been patched by Sony. So, make sure that you focus on getting the latest product, so that you will be able to make use of the genuine codes coming out from the software, and purchasing downloadable content from the Sony network.

PlayStation Games Still Lead The Gaming World

With many gaming systems launched in recent years but still PS is leading the race. It is mainly due to the variety of games being introduced by PlayStation, gamers simply love to buy the gaming system. Many other gaming systems that even come with supreme graphics are still not having a lot of games to offers. Developers are finding it pretty hard to deal with complex graphics systems.

Although even, PS developers have found it hard to grasp new graphic concepts but they have made sure a variety of games are being introduced in the market every season. These new games are simply pretty hard to beat.

Now in order to get these games, gamers must try to make use of PSN cards. With PSN cards, it would become possible to buy latest games from online stores and that too at highly reduced prices. Many online stores are ready to offer you exciting discount offers which gamers need to grab with both hands. PlayStation games are exciting for sure but gamers must seek out effective  ways of saving money while purchasing these games.

The Process Of Playing Games For Free With The Help Of Free Steam Codes

The world of gaming is a widespread one. There are millions of users of this platform. There are various providers which can provide you with the best kind of games. One of such gaming platform is that of the steam. You can get access to several of games with the help of the Steam Codes.

However, the problem is that you have to pay for getting hold of the games in this platform. Now, the serious gamers often face problems when it comes to paying exuberant amount to get hold of their favorite games. However, now this problem can be easily solved with the help of Free Steam Codes.

The Way To Get Impeccable Software For Steam Wallet Hack

Are you new to the world of gaming and is frustrated that you have to pay so much for getting hold of games. Do you have an idea about the concept of Steam Codes or the aspect of the hacks for the wallet? Well, then relax as in this article you will know about the ways by which you can get hold of the best kind of games for free.

Well, steam is one of the largest platforms for getting hold of an array of games. The online platform offers you with various Free Steam Codes. You can easily use them to get hold of your favorite game without any hassle.

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The aspect of help

Now, to get hold of the game from the platform of steam you will need the help of the wallet. The wallet is the balance account in the platform of steam. There are ways by which you can get hold of the free steam wallet codes no survey to increase your account balance.

This can be done with the help of software. Needless to say, the software can be availed from the various websites. You just need to know about the websites from which you can avail the free codes. These websites also helps you in getting hold of the free steam gift cards.

The availing of the codes

There are various websites which promise you to provide the best free steam wallet codes. The problem is that not all of them are capable of keeping their promise. That is why you have to be very cautious while choosing a website.

Have a thorough research for the best websites before you get hold of the codes. You can read the web reviews to know about the best website. Also, the information on the website providing you with free steam gift cards can be obtained from the discussions of the various gaming forums. There are various benefits associated with availing of the codes from a reliable website.

Advantages of the proper website

Now, that you know how to get free steam codes, you need to know the advantages that you can get by obtaining the codes from a reliable website. The reliable websites make sure to check the software with the best antivirus.

That helps them in providing you with such software which is free of viruses. Also, they make sure that there is no problem of malware or spyware in the software. The software is prepared to be untraceable. The same method can be followed for availing the steam wallet hack.

Unbound happiness

Now, that you know how to get free steam codes, you need to know about the other aspect that can help you in getting hold of the games for free. It is the aspect of the hack. There is hacking software which can be availed with ease to hack your account in the platform of steam and increase your account balance.

Making use of the steam wallet hack will help you in accessing thousands of games for free. Moreover, the hacking software can be used for as many times as you want. Hence, you will get immense happiness in playing the games without any problem.

Online Communities Guide You In Ways To Achieve Google Play Gift Card Codes

The Android phone has a high significance in the world of smartphones among the users. Apart from all the smart features the phone also has the Google Play store. The Google play store is a digital platform for distributing various services to the users.

If you are fond of music, you get premium songs from the Google play. You can also avail the Play store videos. If you are an avid book reader then, you will find fabulous eBooks in the play store. You can avail these services with the help of free codes. You can also avail the series for free.

Complete Online Tasks And Redeem Your Google Play Gift Card For Free

The premium app store in an android smartphone is the Google Play store app. It is called a free-gift card app. It is the most lucrative app on the android devices. It is highly popular. The reason for its widespread popularity is that it helps you avail lots of prizes and rewards. You can get other cards as well.

The free-gift cards like Amazon, Alipay cash, and PayPay cash are also available. It is a profitable option as it helps you enjoy these services for free. You can use the free options with the help of points. You can fetch points with the help of online activities.

Interact with online communities

The firms offering the free google play codes have their online communities that provide information regarding the redeeming of gift cards. You can interact with the communities to stay updated about the free codes. The basic rule regarding the availability of free codes is that you have to open a free account in these websites.

After you have created an account, you have to participate in online activities. The online activities fetch you point and revenues to the sites. You can play games, view trailers, and complete offers. The free codes help you redeem the google play gift card and access Play store.

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Complete online tasks

You can avail free google play codes if you complete online offers. You will get points on completing offers. The online users fetch considerable amount of points by completing corresponding offers. Once you earn points you can use them to redeem your codes.

There are other activities that help you earn points for free. You can earn them by installing apps in the specific websites. After you have installed the app, you have to run the same. Watching videos is another option for earning free code. You can also invite your friends to take up these activities to earn google play gift card.

Websites offer updated information

These websites offering google play gift card codes always update the information regarding the free codes. You can access the website to update yourself about the latest rules and regulations in the business. They also offer customers’ reviews that earn the trust of the users. It also offers rewards like new versions of gift cards.

They introduce new ways of earning codes for free. You can install the app for earning free codes in your smartphone.

Generator produces relevant codes

The free google play codes generator that generates google play gift card codes works on the basis of hacking mechanism. The free codes appear in the denomination of $10, $25, $50, etc. The code generator has options for all these denominations. You will have to select the denomination for which you want the code.

The generator will create the same for you. Once you generate the codes you will have to redeem your cards with the free codes. Hence, you can use your free google play redeem codes to use the facilities of Google play store for a lifetime.

Hungry Shark Evolution Review

If you want to play hungry shark evolution game effectively, then you have to unlock more sharks to eat up as many fishes and other objects as possible that come in your way so that you can unlock more sharks in the game and collect them.

When you follow such a stance, then your mission to evolve into a better shark would be complete. You can take help from the baby shark which are just like pets in this game. Their job is to assist you to eat all the stuff that you find in the sea and would swim just next to your shark.

Getting Sharks

You can get such baby sharks by spending some gems and coins to buy them. There are different types of baby sharks in hungry shark evolution game which would cost you according to their specification and type.

You may get a small Mako shark for as less as twenty gems, and on the hand, if you are willing to spend as much as nine hundred gems you can get a Megalodon shark as well. If you want to buy a baby shark with coins, then you can only buy the baby Reef shark, and this would cost you one thousand coins.

Biggest Shark In The World

Out of all the Megalodon shark is the most impressive as you would find it to be when you play with it. One of the reason is that it is the only shark in the game which is capable of eating any non-living ting, be it a boat or a mine.

Another important and significant characteristic feature of this shark is that it is the only one that can eat a jelly fish and still do not require an antidote for remediating the poison. Therefore, when you use it, you do not have to pay attention like other sharks providing them antidotes if they eat a jelly fish or a Flak jacket to stay safe from the mines.

When you eat more and more creatures of the sea in hungry shark evolution game, you get growth points which would determine the time when you can level up your shark to become a more fearsome predator.

You can level up the Reef shark for free to get one thousand points, then the Mako shark for two thousand points at the expense of fifteen hundred coins. The Hammerhead shark requires six thousand coins to level up for 3950 points and the tiger shark for 7350 points at the expense of fifteen thousand coins.

The Great White and the Megalodon sharks are most costly for their beneficial features, and the Great White costs you thirty-five thousand coins for 14500 points, and finally, the Megalodon sharks cost fifty thousand coins for a whopping 42550 points.

Therefore, manage your resources well and use the hungry shark evolution hack trick for the purpose if you find it difficult. Look at the map to find Gulpers and swim low to eat the anglers which you need to eat ten each in the game and also avoid the submarine attacks by quickly charging it.

What You Must Learn About Simcity buildit Game?

We all know there is a lot to learn about Simcity buildit game but there some important aspects which we can’t miss. Simcity buildit is an extremely popular mobile game in which players need to build a proper city and grow it with increasing population. The game is free to download but come with a facility of in-app purchase. In-app purchase is best suited for the players who are not able to excel in the game due to lack of resources like Simcash. Surely, there is some money saving ways of attaining resources and one such effective one is Simcity buildit trick. With the use of the tool, you are served with a huge number of Simcash thus allowing you to speed up your city building process. In the game, you are given a task to manufacture materials and convert it into residential buildings, industries, stores and many other services. It is the game which you can simply play for hours as there are many factors to consider. You need to control the working of your industries and build basic material like plastic and wood on regular basis. If you believe you don’t have enough material available or need external assistance, it is advised to go for in-app purchase. With little money, you will attain many Simcash. In any case, you are not able to excel in the game even after making many efforts; it would be more than ideal to learn out following tips and tricks:

simcity buildit review

  1. As an interested player, you need to spend some time in finding best layout for your city. There are few available online and you must select the one which helps in accommodating many residents. It is a bit tough to decide a good and efficient layout. You need to squeeze as many residential buildings as you can in the given limited space.
  2. According to experienced players, it is extremely crucial indeed to keep your factories and stores busy. There are many players who will only focus on residential areas and make a huge mistake. When you keep your factories and stores busy, you will get the desired amount of time and money to build more residences. When your storage gets, try to sell the items and earn some money.
  3. Another better way of playing the game is to keep expanding and upgrading city storage. For sure, it will take a little time but you will get enough opportunities to add more space and items to your storage.
  4. Players who do have plans to use Simcity Buildit Cheat need to be very careful. There are some tools that are nothing more than garbage stuff. Only use the tools which are safe and best known for generating quick Simcash. If possible collect enough information and read out unbiased reviews carefully.

Playing Simcity buildit game in your free time will not add enormous fun but also provide a better understanding of your own city. Just keep enjoying and plan hard to build a wonderful city.